Package SloppyCell :: Package ReactionNetworks :: Module SBMLInterface
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Module SBMLInterface

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Methods for loading from and saving to SBML files.

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toSBMLFile(net, fileName) source code
SBMLtoDOT(sbmlFileName, dotFileName) source code
rxn_add_stoich(srxn, rid, stoich, is_product=True) source code
toSBMLString(net) source code
_print_sbml_fatals(doc) source code
to_SBML_l2v1(from_name, to_name)
Convert an SBML file to level 2, version 1 using lisbml.
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fromSBMLFile(fileName, id=None, duplicate_rxn_params=False) source code
stoichToString(species, stoich) source code
fromSBMLString(sbmlStr, id=None, duplicate_rxn_params=False) source code
createNetworkParameter(p) source code
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  logger = logging.getLogger('RxnNets.SBMLInterface')

Imports: os, sys, logging, libsbml, Network_mod, SloppyCell, ExprManip

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to_SBML_l2v1(from_name, to_name)

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Convert an SBML file to level 2, version 1 using lisbml.

from_name  Name of file to read SBML from.
to_name    File to output SBML to.