Package SloppyCell :: Package ExprManip :: Module Differentiation
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Module Differentiation

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Functions [hide private]
Load up a pickled dictionary of saved derivatives.
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save_derivs(filename) source code
diff_expr(expr, wrt)
Return the derivative of the expression with respect to a given variable.
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_diff_ast(ast, wrt)
Return an AST that is the derivative of ast with respect the variable with name 'wrt'.
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_product_deriv(terms, wrt)
Return an AST expressing the derivative of the product of all the terms.
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Variables [hide private]
  logger = logging.getLogger('ExprManip.Differentiation')
  _ZERO = Const(0)
  _ONE = Const(1)
  __deriv_saved = {}
  _KNOWN_FUNCS = {('acos', 1):('1/sqrt(1-arg0**2)',), ('asin', 1...

Imports: Slice, Const, Raise, For, AssTuple, Mul, Invert, RightShift, AssList, Add, Dict, flatten, UnaryAdd, Import, Print, Ellipsis, Sliceobj, Decorators, Subscript, Name, Node, Assert, Return, Power, Exec, CO_VARKEYWORDS, GenExprFor, Stmt, Or, Break, CO_VARARGS, Bitand, FloorDiv, Tuple, Bitxor, TryExcept, Not, nodes, EmptyNode, With, Class, Mod, Printnl, Function, TryFinally, GenExprIf, While, AssAttr, Keyword, GenExpr, Module, AugAssign, List, Yield, IfExp, AssName, From, Continue, Backquote, Discard, Div, Expression, Assign, Lambda, And, LeftShift, Compare, GenExprInner, CallFunc, Global, Getattr, ListCompIf, Sub, ListCompFor, flatten_nodes, Pass, UnarySub, Bitor, ListComp, If, copy, cPickle, logging, os, AST, strip_parse, Simplify, Substitution

Variables Details [hide private]


{('acos', 1):('1/sqrt(1-arg0**2)',), ('asin', 1):('1/sqrt(1-arg0**2)',\
), ('atan', 1):('1/(1+arg0**2)',), ('cos', 1):('-sin(arg0)',), ('cosh'\
, 1):('sinh(arg0)',), ('exp', 1):('exp(arg0)',), ('log', 1):('1/arg0',\
), ('log10', 1):('1/(log(10)*arg0)',), ('sin', 1):('cos(arg0)',), ('si\
nh', 1):('cosh(arg0)',), ('arcsinh', 1):('1/sqrt(1+arg0**2)',), ('arcc\
osh', 1):('1/sqrt(arg0**2 - 1.)',), ('arctanh', 1):('1/(1.-arg0**2)',)\
, ('sqrt', 1):('1/(2*sqrt(arg0))',), ('tan', 1):('1/cos(arg0)**2',), (\
'tanh', 1):('1/cosh(arg0)**2',), ('pow', 2):('arg1 * arg0**(arg1-1)', \